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How Access Control Protects Schools

Why You Need a Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Solution

How Access Control Protects Schools

When securing K-12 schools, access control is one of the most important features administrators must consider. A recent study from Parks Associates found 76% of K-12 schools thought the ability to automatically lock all doors during an emergency an important aspect of their security. That’s just one of the ways access control fosters greater security in your Corpus Christi, TX, school. 

Below, we outline the key reasons is one of our go-to partners for school security. With intuitive user interfaces and integration with alerts and video, their cloud-based access control solutions are ideal for both small private institutions and entire school districts.

Are There Legal Restrictions for School Security Camera Installations?

Ensure Compliance and Boost Student Privacy with the Right Security Partner

Are There Legal Restrictions for School Security Camera Installations?

Evolving security challenges within educational settings make the need for advanced security camera installations increasingly clear. These systems are critical for safeguarding students and staff, but require a nuanced approach that balances technical requirements with legal and ethical considerations. 

Navigating the complex landscape of privacy laws is essential, as schools must guarantee their surveillance practices do not infringe on individual rights. Installing school security cameras involves a comprehensive strategy that respects privacy and enhances safety. This holistic approach aims to create a secure and welcoming environment for education. 

Secure Your School Against Unauthorized Access

Protecting Our Schools: The Vital Role of Remote Access Control Management

Secure Your School Against Unauthorized Access

According to a survey by Parks Associates, 76 percent of K-12 schools report that the ability to lock school doors automatically is a desirable capability in an emergency. In fact, this technology offers one of the best solutions for ensuring the security of faculty and students.

A remote access control management system goes one step further. These systems enable immediate lockdowns with the click of a button on a mobile app. Cloud-based access control allows remote management of all entry points through one dashboard. 

Let’s look at why schools in Edinburg, TX, implement these systems and their vital role in keeping schools safe.

Schools Turn to Cameras to Aid Security Measures

Smart Security Solutions Address School Safety Issues

Schools Turn to Cameras to Aid Security Measures is well-known for its smart security solutions that protect against intruders and vandalism, particularly in the home security arena. What’s not widely known is that their all-in-one security systems are also used in schools, meeting security needs and keeping watch over those we cherish the most. 

With 346 school shootings occurring in 2023, school districts across the nation are looking to turn that escalating number around, trusting experts in their field to help foster an environment where all students feel safe. Security companies are searching for smart solutions that can play a role in supporting this goal.

Through 24/7 video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and other innovative technology, is looking to be a part of the answer. According to a survey by Parks Associates, over 70 percent of K-12 schools believe it’s valuable to monitor school grounds, inside and out, via video cameras. 

Here, we’ll explore why schools are turning to cameras and how their smart security systems can protect children and staff at our schools in Brownsville, TX. 

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