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Articles in Category: Gunshot Detection McAllen, TX

Keep your McAllen, TX campus, students, and faculty safe by installing superior gunshot detection technology. Call Circle Industries today!

Cut Down Shooting Response Times with Gunshot Detection

A gunfire detection system helps you get help from authorities in time

Cut Down Shooting Response Times with Gunshot Detection

The spike in school shootings in the US is alarming. On average, there is at least one shooting per month. Moreover, these incidents can occur at any educational institute, whether an elementary school or a university.

Ever since these shootings started increasing, schools have increased their security in response. While different security systems keep the campus safe from intruders, the latest addition in response to these incidents is gunshot detection.

It helps prepare the school for active shooter situations by getting an immediate response from relevant authorities.

Read on to discover how a gunfire detection system can help protect students and faculty members in your McAllen, TX, school.

Keeping Those That Matter Most Safe with Superior Technology

Gunshot Detection Improves Emergency Response Times and More

Keeping Those That Matter Most Safe with Superior Technology

In 2020 there were at least 66 reported cases of gunfire on school campuses, according to Everytown for Gun Safety. This group began tracking school gunfire incidents in 2013. Since then, the rate increased each year until last year when many Americans experienced the shift to virtual learning platforms due to the pandemic.

Many Texas schools currently offer hybrid in-person and virtual learning options, which means students and staff are in a stressful learning environment during the “new normal” that the pandemic has created. With this influx of stress, it’s important to prepare your McAllen, TX school to respond to a potential emergency before an incident arises. With gunshot detection technology, you can protect your campus if an unspeakable incident occurs.

Read on below to learn how incorporating gunshot detection systems into your existing safety protocols improves survivability rates and more.