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Articles in Category: Gunshot Detection Victoria, TX

Circle Industries is the leading school and jobsite safety specialist in Victoria, TX, focusing on access control, gunshot detection systems, surveillance and more.

Ensure Fast Response Times in Case of Emergencies

Learn How Gunshot Detection Can Help Law Enforcement Respond More Effectively

Ensure Fast Response Times in Case of Emergencies

Unfortunately, mass shootings have become all too common in the campus and business environments. While no one wishes for these catastrophic events to happen in Victoria, TX, it is the sad nature of the world that preparation will help those of us that do experience these events to be safer and more prepared.

Gunshot detection is an innovative method of assisting law enforcement with precise locating of a dangerous shooter. Keep reading our blog to learn more about how gunshot detection systems work and why you may want to consider this feature as an integral part of your campus or job site’s comprehensive safety and security system.