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Articles in Category: Mass Notification Systems McAllen, TX

Circle Industries is the McAllen, TX area expert in building safety and security, specializing in surveillance, mass notification systems, access control and more.

Get the Message Out: 3 Ways Mass Notification Systems Work

Inform Your Texas Students, Parents, and Faculty Quickly and Effectively

Get the Message Out: 3 Ways Mass Notification Systems Work

Whether it’s due to an unfortunate weather delay, a school closure, or an emergency evacuation, campus administrators need to be able to communicate with students, parents, staff, and faculty immediately in times of crisis.

Without technology, the ability to do this is practically unmanageable. Luckily, technology is on our side with mass notification systems. Your McAllen-area administrators can send succinct messages in real-time across a plethora of channels for a variety of situations—emergencies and non-emergencies. A comprehensive communication plan ensures all campus stakeholders receive messages so they can be informed in a timely way and safe if need be.

Keep reading to learn three ways mass notification systems can improve your Texas school system operations.