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How Access Control Offers Businesses Increased Safety and Security

Take Your Company’s Security to the Next Level With Smart Access Control

How Access Control Offers Businesses Increased Safety and Security

Controlling who enters your business and when they enter is the foundation of securing your establishment. While keeping track of numbered keys and limiting master keys to a chosen few is the first step, today's environment requires a more robust access control system that secures assets while protecting your employees in Brownsville, TX. 

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Access Control for Asset Protection

Access control can be as easy as using programmed key cards or personal identification numbers to biometrics, which includes the use of fingerprints and eye scans. The size of your business and the areas that require secure access will determine, to a large degree, what type of control and programming you need. 

Mandatory access control is appropriate for businesses that require high security. In these situations, one person retains the authority to program access for the entire organization. When someone is hired, they are responsible for giving them access to their area; when someone is laid off, they immediately deny access. This administrator carries full responsibility for access permissions. 

Another method for controlling access is based on job title. For instance, managers may have full access to the entire building, while other employees may only access areas specifically required to fulfill their role. This can be a good option for businesses with sensitive data on-site or that has new contractors entering the building.

Access Control for Security

In addition to securing vital data and belongings, access control provides an additional layer of protection for your employees. Previously fired and disgruntled ex-employees can no longer gain access, and visitors have to check in before being allowed inside. In today's world, these small acts can ensure staff are protected.

There are different types of access control software, with cloud-based offering the greatest flexibility. Administrators who carry this responsibility can allow or deny access from anywhere in the world because an internet connection is all that is required. Should someone be sick or on vacation, they can still make needed access adjustments in only a few minutes.

While they're away, they will also know who entered the building and at what time, as well as when employees checked out.

Server-based access control relies on local servers and usually requires software licenses and someone on staff with some IT knowledge. If multiple units, servers are needed at each location.

 Access Control Combined With Smart Automation 

When operators combine access control with smart automation, security is locked down. For example, smart surveillance cameras can monitor high-risk areas and immediately send a notification when something out of the ordinary occurs. Should the instance warrant it, an immediate lockdown ensues, securing all doors from entry.

This type of proactive security measure stops theft or violence before it occurs. In addition, today’s cameras have facial and license recognition capabilities, allowing law enforcement a quicker response time when tracking down criminals.

At Circle Industries, our seasoned security and surveillance integrators are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality solution that ensures the ultimate in security and protection. If you'd like more information about securing your establishment or to request a complimentary consultation, contact Circle Industries today.

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