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A Return to the New Normal Requires Additional Security Measures

School Surveillance Cameras Provide Peace of Mind During a Challenging Transition

A Return to the New Normal Requires Additional Security Measures

A March 2021 study by the United States Department of Education showed that 54% of K-8 public schools had moved back to full-time, in-person instruction. That percentage will undoubtedly grow in the fall as the nation moves back to pre-coronavirus circumstances due to the lifting of state mandates and widespread vaccination availability.

What that means for Harlingen-area schools is an influx of students, faculty, and staff that have been away from campus for an extended period. Social norms have shifted dramatically over the last year as many wore masks and socially distanced themselves inside their Texas homes. Some students may be uncomfortable with the return, and many will see this as an exciting opportunity to return to a new “normal.”

By installing new or upgrading existing school surveillance cameras, Texas school administrators can keep their eye on campus buildings during a challenging time, improving the safety of everyone on campus, plus the school grounds itself.

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Remote Monitoring

Coronavirus isn’t the only concern for Texas campus administrators. According to Statista, 2019 saw the highest number of school shootings since the 1970s, with 118 shootings. Violence in schools is on the rise, with a downtick during 2020 as students went home for e-learning activities. As they return to school, though, having the ability to monitor school surveillance cameras remotely is imperative.

Local law enforcement officers and a centralized monitoring station can view live and recorded video footage. Seeing incidents in real time lets law enforcement intelligently respond to emergencies because they can understand where to enter the building to protect themselves and students adequately. Reviewing recorded footage after unfortunate incidents will also assist in investigations in the future.

Where to Place Cameras

Unwanted student activity often occurs in places not supervised by teachers and principals, such as staff service areas, low-population hallways, or outdoor areas. Placing school surveillance cameras in halls, parking lots, exterior entries, and at building corners ensures no space is left unattended.

Strategic location is vital to ensure surveillance dead zones are not present. Trap surveillance is key in large buildings so people cannot move from one area to another without being recorded. Mid-wall camera placement attempts to achieve 180-degree views but is less successful because blind spots are created and frequently exploited; a back-to-back placement eliminates dead zones while providing a 180-degree view for administrators.

In addition to surveillance cameras, adding motion sensors and exterior lighting can take your campus security a step further to respond to potential unwanted activities on your Harlingen or Rockport campus. Other security technologies such as gunshot detection systems, temperature-sensitive cameras, and occupancy sensors are available from Circle Industries, too.


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