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How a School Security System Can Protect Your Students

Prioritize the Safety of Students and Faculty with a Premium Security System

How a School Security System Can Protect Your Students

More and more headlines focus on school-based crimes that threaten the lives of students and faculty. As the threat of school violence rises, every school must take all necessary steps to decrease the chance of an attack. 

Of course, no one wants to believe it could happen in their school, but having the essential systems in place can save lives and make schools safer for everyone. Therefore, a good school security system is a must-have for all schools. Keep reading to see what a security system can do for your school in Harlingen, TX.

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Video Surveillance

Every school should have a video surveillance system. But a surveillance system can do much more than capture video footage of your school campus. Smart security camera systems like Avigilon take it a step further and allow you to search hours of footage (via a keyword phrase) in seconds to locate a specific person or vehicle. 

Video surveillance systems are also able to track people who are acting suspiciously. They use face and object recognition, unusual movement detection, and other advanced features to safeguard your property. Also, if there is an intruder, a video feed can be crucial in helping the local authorities pinpoint the location of the threat. This information can greatly decrease reaction time, saving lives. 

Access Control

In addition to video surveillance, access control is another crucial part of a school’s security system. A state-of-the-art access control system uses pin codes, card readers, keyfobs, or even biometric security to deny or grant access to anyone at the door. It allows you to know who is entering the building and keeps unauthorized users out. This means there is less chance of intruders getting into the building, and you can keep tabs on anyone who enters and exits your campus.

Remote Control and Instant Notifications

Thanks to technological advances, you no longer have to be on campus to monitor your school’s security system. Many modern security systems, like, can be accessed and controlled from any smartphone. This allows you to let visitors in and out and see live video footage from any of your cameras. 

If your security system detects unusual activity or an alarm is triggered, any authorized user can receive an instant notification and react instantly to the situation. When there is a threat to your school, time is of the essence, so the quicker you can alert the authorities and guide students to safety, the more lives you can save. And, with alerts sent straight to authorized users' cell phones, you won’t have to make announcements over the loudspeakers, which can keep the intruder from knowing the students' locations.

Nothing is more important than protecting our students. If you want to add a school security system to your school, contact Circle Industries. Our team of professionals has years of experience equipping private residences, businesses, government buildings, and schools with the necessary security system to protect and save lives.