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3 Ways a Gunshot Detection System Keeps Your Business Safe

Maintain security and peace of mind in your commercial space!

3 Ways a Gunshot Detection System Keeps Your Business Safe

No matter what line of business you’re in, a strong and reliable security system is essential to keep your operations running smoothly, your property protected, and your building occupants safe. While surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and access control systems are all popular ways to accomplish these things, your options for security solutions don’t end there. Gunshot detection systems are perfect examples of this. 

This unique smart security technology allows you to provide a safer environment for your staff and visitors, preventing any tragedies should an active shooter situation occur. Keep reading our blog to learn how gunshot detection can maintain a secure commercial space in Rio Grande City, TX.

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False Alarms Will Never Disturb You

Dealing with an active shooter is stressful and scary for everyone involved. For this reason, mobilizing staff, customers, and emergency responders should not be taken lightly. A gunshot detection system is highly advanced, so you can rest assured that it provides you with reliable information. 

This type of security system analyzes energy levels and waveforms to distinguish gunshots from similar sounds, such as car backfires. False alarms, which can needlessly frighten your people, are highly unlikely when you have a gunshot detection system in place. 

Instant Notifications Alert Your People in Seconds

If a real gunshot is detected in your perimeter, a timely response from emergency services is crucial to keep everyone safe and sound. With our systems, law enforcement will receive an instant notification with detailed information on the situation taking place, including the shooter’s location, what kind of weapons they are using, the number of shots that have been fired and more. This ensures emergency responders are fully prepared when they arrive at the scene.

With this technology, you can also send notifications across mobile devices and mass communication systems to notify the people in your building. It allows you to get everyone to safety and help them avoid dangerous zones while you wait for professional assistance.

Create a Comprehensive Security System

With us, your security solutions are always tailored to your needs. By working with our team, you can combine gunshot detection technology with other security solutions to create a fully comprehensive system that helps you get your people to safety much faster. For example, with a smart door lock system, you can automatically secure your doors to keep active shooters in one area of your building, preventing them from harming anyone while authorities arrive.

At Circle Industries, we are deeply committed to helping you stay safe and maintain your peace of mind at work and home. Are you ready to incorporate gunshot detection technology into your business? Then reach out to our team by filling out this online form or simply drop a message in the chat box below. 

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